Title(Stories from Our Learners)

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“Very well prepared and thought-through material, and excellent facilitation.”

Amanda, United Kingdom Real World Data Specialist, Pharma

“My knowledge of RWE is improved, and I know now that to take into consideration when designing, conducting a pragmatic trial.”

Jane, United States PhD Student

“The course was challenging but it was worth every minute, it really opened a new world for me with so many new insights that I wasn’t even aware of that they existed. It was also a great pleasure to be able to do this web-based and in an asynchronous set-up which is real asset in everyday’s busy life”

Joop, The Netherlands VP, Health

It gave me some insights on the proper use of RWE during drug development. Really useful to learn all those study designs and tools that can help for this usage.”

Tom, Germany Senior Director, RWE Operations