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Looking to upskill your team or organisation with the current techniques, opportunities and challenges for the use of real-world evidence? Look no further, the GetReal Academy offers tailor-made courses, workshops and webinars for pharmaceutical companies, regulatory agencies and public institutions.

  • Truly Customisable – we create tailor-made programmes focused specifically on your needs
  • Unrivalled Experience – our content is built on 7+ years of work through two acclaimed IMI projects
  • Crème de la Crème – designed and delivered by distinguished RWE experts from industry & academia
  • Thinking Global – want the programme focused primarily on the EU? Or maybe Asia-Pacific? United States? We provide it all, the GetReal Academy is supported by experts from across the world!
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Our Courses

Want to check out our regular courses in the meanwhile? We offer two courses at the moment, our flagship course: Real-World Evidence in Medicine Development and our first self-paced online course: Benefit-Risk Assessment in Decision Making.